Enable Gkash Payment for Opencart

Step 1 : Install Gkash in Opencart

Go to this link install Gkash payment gateway


Step 2 :Gkash Plugin in Opencart

Go to Extensions > Installer > Upload File > Upload the downloaded Zip file


Step 3 : Enable Gkash plug-in

Go to Extensions > Extensions > Choose payments > (Install) Gkash Payment Gateway


Step 4 : Setup Payment Gateway

After done, click Save Changes

Title Description Example
Merchant ID Gkash's UserID, recevied upon registered. M102-U-999
Singature Key Gkash's Signature Key, received upon registered. AbcDefGHIJklMnOPQrSTUVWXYz0123456789
Sandbox Mode This allow you to test in staging enviroment before enroll to production. No (Refer to production) , Yes(Refer to staging)
Total The checkout total the order must reach before this payment method becomes active 0.10
Geo Zone Default as All Zones All Zones
Status To enable/ disable this payment gateway. Enabled
Web Payment

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