Recurring Payment

Integration of Recurring

  • Step 1 : Tokenization

    The first time must perform web-to-web.Refer to Payment request   .

    Merchants generate a HTML form that redirects users to Gkash Unified Payment page for the user to ented their credit card details.

  • Step 2 : Receive epkey through callbackurl

    A server-to-server HTTP payment status notification will respond to the merchant with the epkey

  • Step 3 : Payment with epkey (Recurring)

    Merchant can now use the epkey to perform host-to-host(server-to-server).Refer to Payment request (Host-to-host)

  • Step 4 : Direct Response

    A direct response Payment response(server-to-server) will include epkey as well for merchant to do the next recurring payment.

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